Individual Counseling

Counsel in the heart of man is like deep waters;
But a man of understanding will draw it out.
                                              Proverbs 20:5 (ASV)

Proverbs 20:5 is intended for both men and women. “Man” here is better translated “human” or the “race of man”. In other words, all of us! With twenty years of helping men, women and children sort out complex issues in their lives, I remain amazed and humbled by the power of God to heal. Immersing oneself and others in the love, power, grace and mercy of Jesus Christ is a healing process in and of itself. As Christians, we have a unlimited source of hope and peace in the person of Jesus Christ.

Individual counseling is often orchestrated along the backdrop of relationships. It is rare that human problems do not include some aspect of love, intimacy, work, family or friendships in the struggle. Anger, pain, envy, jealously, grief and anguish are usually connected to the ones we love. Sometimes of course our struggle is in “loving our enemies.” Jesus gave us the high command to love God and our brothers including our enemies. In doing so, Jesus sought our spiritual freedom. It is impossible to hate our brothers or our enemies and experience the ultimate peace Jesus intends for His children. He knows we are not designed to carry judgement and retaliation. He wants us to forgive and be free of earthly encumbrances; to keep our eyes fastened on heaven above. How else can we truly be free?

Therein lies the challenge: How do we love God, ourselves, others and our enemies? I suggest it is a never ending process of living our lives out in Christ. Living in the grace of God helps us sort out our problems and strengthen our personal, family and work relationships. God is not a pushover, however. There are times and situations that require suffering to follow God. Sometimes, for example, it is easier to please people than to honor God. We are not called to compromise our worship and devotion to God so we can be liked (or loved) by people. When people become like god we suffer. People do not make good gods, though many insist they are worthy of our admiration and servitude!

Anxiety, depression, crisis and even natural changes in life can cause emotional imbalances in our relationships and in our soul. When faced with deep struggles it may be time to seek a professional counselor. Though many excellent resources for healing are available today in our churches and recovery groups, there is a place for receiving specialized help in the healing process. Sometimes things are so complex that without personal, professional, very focused help the individual can never heal.

As a professional counselor I am trained to facilitate and guide the process in helping people resolve their problems. Confidentiality and anonymity can be powerful tools to break the silence and receive deep healing on a number of levels. Sometimes this can only occur in context of a professional and confidential relationship.

Please call me at 763-227-3431 for a confidential review of my services. The love and power of God is available to all who seek His face.

Note: For those interested in marital work, and only one individual is willing or available to engage in marriage counseling, please click link to this article: 

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