It’s because of God’s love and mercy that I do what I do.  All the glory belongs to Him!  Praise the Lord for the good things He has done in His children!!!

“Tom, I was so impressed with how you handled our situation. I appreciated your thoroughness, your kindness, your directness, and your obvious experience.  It meant a great deal to me personally for you to weave God’s word throughout the sessions.  It brought me great comfort to call on the Lord, especially in our sessions with you.”

“I am not churning like I was a year ago. I have resolved so many feelings.  I am no longer harboring thoughts about divorce.  To tell you the truth, a lot of this work occurred in my sessions with you, Tom.  I feel more relaxed … kinder and gentler than a year ago.”

“Tom, you are very skilled and professional at what you do.  I am usually very skeptical, but your style erased all of those feelings from my mind.  We could not have asked for more.”

 “Dear Tom, I want to affirm you in your role as our counselor.  You are an excellent listener, empathetic, and non-judgmental.  God has used you to bring certain truths to light that have been helpful in improving our relationship.  I am grateful for your insight and wisdom.  Thank you, most of all, for your dedication to God and to the sanctity of marriage!”

“I learned to take responsibility for what I was doing.  It took some time, but I feel like I’ve been initiated into ‘Christian manhood’ – although young as a Christian, I don’t feel naive any more.”  

“My child clicked with Tom immediately.  Tom has a special gift of making people feel comfortable.”

“I used to think that I had very little personal value – just a guy who works hard to make little and barely get by.  Now, with the help of Tom in counseling and prayer, I know that my purpose in life is to be who I am in Christ.  In that, I am invaluable to my family, my co-workers, and my friends.  I am here to love people, nurture them, encourage them, and direct them to Christ.  I do that best by being honest and being who I really am.” 

“Tom’s methods were very helpful … I had a huge breakthrough and many insights.  Identified some deep conflicts and questions. Discovered the source of my doubts and perfectionism.”

“I felt listened to and treated respectfully.  Tom’s teaching felt encouraging and not like being lectured to.”

“Tom, I would like to express my appreciation for you and for your being used of the Lord in my life.  Your love in the Lord, integrity, wisdom, and knowledge of God’s word are very evident.  And again, I’m amazed that God in His grace has used such wonderful people in my life.”

“Tom, it was very encouraging to hear [my husband] explain what he learned from you at each session.  I also appreciate that your ministry to him touched his heart deeply.”

“Tom, I just want to thank you again for all your work with [my son] – you were truly a gift from God!” 

“We had two goals and Tom definitely helped us reach both: 1) to help our son work through his problems – Tom’s gentle style really allowed my son to open up and feel comfortable.  2) We had a financial goal.  Tom fully respected this and did everything he could to fill each session with the necessary work – and not waste any time.  Because of his strategic efforts, we were able to work quickly and therefore keep the number of sessions down.” 

“Tom used Christian principles along with great counseling!  Absolutely treated us with dignity, care and respect.”

“Tom helped me learn that I am responsible for my decisions and I must deal with the consequences of my decisions.  I also learned that I do not need to hold onto and feel guilty for situations in which I was victimized.  I must lean on the Lord to help me though my trials and let Him [Jesus Christ] be strong where I am weak.”

“Tom, I know that I was not an easy case, but you continued to believe in me.  You didn’t give up on me.  Thank you for confronting me in truth and love.”

“My relationship with [my wife] is unhindered now.  We are closer than ever.  I also feel like I can hear God when he speaks to me now, and he does often.

“Dear Tom, thank you for the gift of healing you gave me ….

“I have learned that I am not alone in this world … I am probably as normal as anybody else.  I am loved and I am accepted.  I’ve learned not to judge or condemn others, and to accept my fellow man.  I’ve learned to trust and to reach out.  Because I learned to like myself, I can share myself with others.  Although my offense was a tragedy, I have learned to love and to have boundaries.  It’s the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ that really amazes me.”  

“Dear Tom, Thank you.  Such simple words, but they mean so much!  Thank you for your prayers, the knowledge, the tools and the encouragement you have given to us.  [My husband] and I will be together this Christmas.  I was feeling helpless to do anything or to change anything … and you empowered me.” 

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